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Category Archives: college life

Today I spent the entire day outside, hiking through near-forgotten land. Fall has come to the mountains and I awe in the dramatic change from summer.  The temperature is perfect, the sun is more radiant than ever as it swings low in the horizon, and the leaves have just begun to change color. They are most brilliant right before they die. Not only is there the smell of fall that whips around the nose, but there are the sounds, the soft fall of leaves, the whispering chime of coming snow.

Walking around with my parents (my father intent on finding new deer to hunt), I found myself much quieter than usual. I wasn’t blabbering on about some experience in college or asking questions; instead, I was silent. It took a few moments, but looking at my mom’s smiling face and feeling my dad’s callused hand on my shoulder, I realized that I was happy. Completely content. Even with the onset of exams and midterm grades slapping me in the face, I’m in a good place. College is perfect for me and I think I’m growing more and more to like it everyday.

I say that now, though… while I’m on fall break.


The above picture is of a Fruit Tart Cupcake that I make. I might start posting more recipes and photos I’ve taken, like the ones below. I tried to capture the same leaf, but unfortunately couldn’t find it… I fail.



October has finally rolled around, teachers are whipping out their midterm lashes, and the excitement I had for college is slowly subsiding. For the longest time I was euphoric for college, the new lifestyle, the new people, and places. I was even excited to learn, to feel the rippling cogs in my noggin’ spinning to a new tune. But this week I learned my lesson. This week I finally joined the train of apathetic, venting college students.

It began with my first C on a midterm for Microeconomics. And it wouldn’t be all that upsetting except for the fact that I was completely confident that I had aced the test. I walked out of that room, head held high, swinging my bag with grace that would put the Queen to shame. What went wrong? I still have no idea. I guess I fudged, or had some strange brain spasm that I was completely unaware of. I guess I never fully understood the material. But that’s OKAY (!), I don’t plan on being an economist and a C is still passing. So i shaped up and dawdled on through my week, still feeling at ease with myself.

Then the Middle East happened.

Okay, well, then my Arab Culture class happened. A test that I “did not need to study any names or dates for”, as my professor put it. 50 questions! All of them detail oriented, all of them spliced with names I barely even recognized. Grade for the day? A 70. A freaking 70. Holy beejibus, my self-image dropped by fifty points and I think I drained into a puddle like that girl in “The Secret World of Alex Mack.”

What do you do in a situation like that? Angrily shake your fists in rage? Crawl onto your bed and sob? No. I decided to make a blog. So here I am, venting against the world in written word as I slowly sink from the Dean’s list.