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October has finally rolled around, teachers are whipping out their midterm lashes, and the excitement I had for college is slowly subsiding. For the longest time I was euphoric for college, the new lifestyle, the new people, and places. I was even excited to learn, to feel the rippling cogs in my noggin’ spinning to a new tune. But this week I learned my lesson. This week I finally joined the train of apathetic, venting college students.

It began with my first C on a midterm for Microeconomics. And it wouldn’t be all that upsetting except for the fact that I was completely confident that I had aced the test. I walked out of that room, head held high, swinging my bag with grace that would put the Queen to shame. What went wrong? I still have no idea. I guess I fudged, or had some strange brain spasm that I was completely unaware of. I guess I never fully understood the material. But that’s OKAY (!), I don’t plan on being an economist and a C is still passing. So i shaped up and dawdled on through my week, still feeling at ease with myself.

Then the Middle East happened.

Okay, well, then my Arab Culture class happened. A test that I “did not need to study any names or dates for”, as my professor put it. 50 questions! All of them detail oriented, all of them spliced with names I barely even recognized. Grade for the day? A 70. A freaking 70. Holy beejibus, my self-image dropped by fifty points and I think I drained into a puddle like that girl in “The Secret World of Alex Mack.”

What do you do in a situation like that? Angrily shake your fists in rage? Crawl onto your bed and sob? No. I decided to make a blog. So here I am, venting against the world in written word as I slowly sink from the Dean’s list.



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